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Zurab Tskitishvili - Also known as Instructor DELTA

 is the founder and head instructor of the Delta Survival School.

Zurab is a former military of Georgian Special Forces.

Awarded the NATO medal for his actions serving in Iraq and Kosovo.

Physical & mental preparation specialist.

Expert in Survival Skills and Krav Maga 

Self-defense instructor with military & law enforcement agencies.

Counter-terrorism & Tactical training instructor.


The Delta Survival School is an organization that offers outdoor survival training and consulting services to Civilians, Outdoor Professionals, Media Organizations, Corporate, and Active-Duty Military Personnel, we are using our highly specialized method of wilderness and hostile environment survival training techniques and experiences.


Our school is also family and kid-friendly, we are offering outdoor activities for families, kids, and youth in survival skills & bushcraft training. Where through the various activities we create or improve the link between family members and grow their connection with each other.


Besides valuable information and knowledge, that our students achieve on the courses. The main goal of Delta Survival School is to help to grow the self-confidence and self-resilience of individuals and anticipate their fears, no matter it is a professional, adult, youth, or kids.


We aim for teamwork, team cohesion, and of course, fun!

 The Delta Survival School offers the following courses:

  • Survival Skills & Bushcraft (Wildness expedition)

  • SERE Camp (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)

  • S.I.C (System Intelligent of Combat) Self-defense

  • TECC (Tactical emergency casualty care)

  • Advanced First Aid

  • Operational physical preparation (OPP / Military Bootcamp)

  • Weapons training

  • Anti-kidnapping course



All programs are available to individuals and

groups of different levels of experience and expertise:


Beginner, Advanced, Commando.