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Adapt - Improvise - Overcome

Delta Survival School is a premier institution specializing in advanced outdoor survival training and consulting services. Catering to a diverse clientele — including civilians, outdoor industry professionals, media outlets, corporate teams, and active-duty military personnel.


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We employ a highly specialized approach that integrates wilderness, urban and hostile environment survival techniques with experiential learning.

Leveraging 18 years of hands-on experience and expertise, Our team of professional instructors delivers a practical curriculum that combines real-life scenario training, hands-on learning, and modern techniques..


At Delta Survival School, our goal goes beyond just teaching survival skills; we focus on turning our customers into self-reliant and resourceful people, skilled at handling any situation effectively.


Our training programs are carefully designed to meet our customers' specific needs and goals. Whether it's mastering bushcraft, learning from our SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) and anti-abduction courses, or gaining top-notch self-defense skills in our Combat Krav Maga classes, we make sure our customers are ready to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Why Us?

  • Real Experience, Real Skills: Led by Instructor Delta, our courses are built on real-world expertise. We’re NATO registered, so you know you’re getting top-notch training.

  • All-Round Survival Training: Learn everything from wilderness survival to self-defense and anti-kidnapping. Be ready for anything, anywhere.


Zurab Tskitishvili, known as Instructor DELTA, has a wealth of experience in tactical problem-solving, both in private and government sectors. As the Founder and Head Instructor of Delta Survival School, he is committed to teaching his skills to civilians, law enforcement, and corporate groups in Luxembourg and elsewhere.

Armed with field combat experience and a NATO medal for his service, Zurab leverages his expertise as an ex-special forces member to empower individuals and teams. Adept in Combat Krav Maga, international counter-terrorism, physical and mental development, and wilderness and hostile environment survival, he has honed his skills to provide unparalleled training experiences.

Zurab is committed to maintaining best practice standards in operational excellence and ESG responsibilities. He regularly attends workshops and courses to keep his skills sharp and up-to-date. He works with a diverse range of individuals, from children to combat-ready professionals, focuses to help people in their personal and professional growth.

In addition to his work with adults, Zurab is passionate about nurturing the future generation. He actively fights against bullying in schools and teaches children how to avoid and protect themselves against it. Through his various programs, Zurab aims to develop the skills and resilience needed for individuals to thrive in challenging environments.


Meet The Team

DSS Instructor
DSS Instructor
DSS Instructor


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Kids Section Leader


  • Certified Survival Skills Instructor (DSS)

  • Educator at International School of Michel Lucious

  • Arcus Kids Survival Skills Instructor

  • Rescue Scuba Diver

Languages: Polish English French Spanish

Other Certifications:

  • Krav Maga Bootcamp

  • First Aid

  • SERE


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