The Delta Survival School is an organization that offers internships and courses. Our programs

are based on military discipline and aimed at the physical and mental development of the

individual through various activities.

Our mission creating the Delta Survival School is to build a community, Supporting corporate,

group and individual engagement in physical & mental development and education.

Zurab Tskitishvili (Instructor DELTA) is the founder and head instructor

of the Delta Survival School.

•    Zurab is a former Georgian Special Forces operator.

•    Awarded the NATO medal for his actions serving in Iraq and Kosovo.

•    Physical & mental preparation specialist.

•    Survival and self-defense instructor since 2015

•    Self-defense instructor with military & law enforcement agencies

The Delta Survival School offers the following courses:

- Krav Maga

- Survival Skills & Bushcraft (survival expedition)

- Military Bootcamp

- Tactical Course

Courses are offered to military, law enforcement and civilians alike.

All programs are available to individuals and groups of different levels of experience and expertise:

Beginner, Advanced, Commando.

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