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About Delta Kids


"Delta kids" is a project that aims to channel children's unlimited and boundless energy into something positive that develops confidence, discipline, and courage through fun and unique experience.

At Delta Survival School, the children will be prepared to handle any challenging situations that come their way. Whether its a bullying/harassment or stressful outdoor situations

At Delta Kids, we implement an anti-bullying campaign, which is very actual. Our anti-bullying program is different. We have different definitions of a bully. We are working daily to reach the maximum number of kids possible to completely prevent the issue that international Anti-bullying programs can't fix. 


  • Good manners, discipline, and responsibility

  • Self-control and ability to concentrate

  • Self-awareness and ability to make decisions

  • Work as a team and create new friendships

  • Respect and help others (for people and the environment)



CHILDREN - Ages 8 to 15 / groups of 15 people
FAMILIES - Children aged 6 to 15 / Five families at a time


  • Bonding and connecting with children (teamwork)

  • Confidence that their children will be able to deal with a bully or any harassment at school (or outside of school)

  • Less time spent in front of a screen

  • Children with appropriate physical activity to be healthy and thrive

  • Personal time management


  • Environmental / Situational awareness

  • Self-confidence and resilience

  • Teamwork / Leadership

  • Focus on Individual Growth

  • Self-control and Good Decision-Making Skills

  • Good physical condition

  • Ability to Solve Problems

  • Making friends

Below is described why Delta survival school and what benefits your kids will gain by being our school student.

Self-Control & Good Decision-Making Skills


One of the best skills a child should learn is self-control. You see, if your child can focus on oneself such that they can complete any task delegated to them, that would be the joy of parents as well as the instructors.

With self-control and great skills in decision-making, your children can comprehend how to achieve their goals in a timely manner. Also, it makes them more confident when they can make proper decisions, especially during difficult situations.

Enhances Team Work

Teamwork is great for achieving almost impossible things while working alone. And one of the things your kids need to master is how to socialize with others and work together towards a common goal. 

Delta Survival School teaches a lot about respect, so your kids will learn to show it to all the members of the group.

They learn things that work out best when working together with due respect and observance to group rules and guidelines. This is the only way to let your kid learn and experience how to be part of the Delta Survival School community.

Improves Focus on Individual Growth

How about your kids gaining valuable advice on self-development? Well, that would be a dream come true for many parents. Kids learn that you need to eliminate the stress caused by anxiety when facing some kind of team competition.

They learn how to focus on their own goals since the routines in most of our courses are broken down into patterns that see a very kid have a specific target to hit. Thus, such lessons are great for all kids.

Making Friends

One of the important parts of a kid’s life is making friends. And to make friends, there are a few concepts that they should learn. For example, if your kids know how to show compassion, respect, solve conflicts, and share and listen to people, they will make and keep friends. There are so many activities in Delta Survival School's courses that help kids learn how to make friends, work together, and maintain friendships.

Wrap Up

You have seen how our school is great for your kids. The next big thing you can do for your kid’s life is to allow them to take part in such activities.

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