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"The Squad" is the project of Delta Survival School, specializing in team building. ​​ We offer personalized solutions for organizing your events to convey your values and develop Cohesion within your team.

We are made up of ex-military of armed and special forces who will guide participants to the unique and exclusive experience of team building.

During training, we share our military expertise with you, which your team can adopt in business.


Team building is a continuous process of enabling a group of people to reach their goals and improve their effectiveness through various exercises, activities, and techniques.

Our methodology is fully based on military team-building fundamentals,

we are using this highly specialized method to deliver the critical elements of group cohesion. 

Untitled (1584 × 396 px) (1584 × 1584 px) (1584 × 584 px) (1084 × 284 px) (1084 × 800 px)
Untitled (1584 × 396 px) (1584 × 1584 px) (1584 × 584 px) (1084 × 284 px) (1084 × 800 px)
Untitled (1584 × 396 px) (1584 × 1584 px) (1584 × 584 px) (1084 × 284 px) (1084 × 800 px)


At Delta survival school, we have made the creation and animation of tailor-made team-building events, which increase and strengthen team cohesion, confidence, and discipline in individuals. It is our primary goal and objective.


We are Fully invested and constantly innovate to offer you the most relevant in terms of Team Building based on military discipline.


We aim for perfection to get always excellence by creating original, participatory, and unique team-building activities perfectly adapted to your specific needs and requests.


Our project managers know how to guide you and advise you to make your team events a real success.


Zurab Tskitishvili, aka Instructor Delta

The team player, a veteran tactical problem solver, focused on sharing his knowledge with corporates, civilians, and law enforcement agencies in Luxembourg and abroad.


The experience was acquired across various agencies (private and governmental) and on-the-field combat experience in Iraq and Kosovo (awarded the NATO medal).

He was accustomed to working with multicultural individuals ranging from children to combat-ready professionals. He was committed to best practice standards concerning operational excellence and ESG responsibilities.

"The issue is that too many things are called team-building events today, but they only impact the culture and camaraderie. Of course, it's not bad for the Formation stage
but not for organizations or team performance. 

The only way to increase team cohesion and efficiency is to put the team in a situation where they find themselves out of their comfort zone and give them tasks that are only possible to succeed with teamwork. 

Under stress, they will start to motivate each other, knowing that if one stops, another one fails! This is what develops a high level of team cohesion! Working under stress creates a high level of stress management! And both together produce a high level of team performance and efficiency!."

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Download "The Squad" Information pack

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Monika Ruppert

A huge recommendation and a big thank you for the fantastic experience today at "Survival skills". We have spent an extraordinary day, have forgotten about the whole world around us, re-charged our batteries, and have learned new skills


Mendaly Ries

Instructor Delta offered me tailored tuition in shelter building, fire-making, water purification, snaring and trapping knife skills, and navigation and taught me other handy beginner-friendly skills in relation to self-defense. Do not fear to take these courses even as a girl or a rookie... it is worth your time. The approach of Instructor D in his outdoor classroom and his encouragement leads to a unique and profound sense of achievement in the end!


Sahil Goel

Instructor Delta has a very pragmatic approach to his training sessions. He thinks it through from the team member's/participant's point of view, applies his tactical skills, motivates the members, and delivers the team's goals!
Without any doubt, he knows his job to the core! I was lucky to have a training session with him :)

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