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At our military bootcamp, we offer a comprehensive training program that focuses on multiple facets of personal and professional development:

  • Physical Fitness: Our rigorous physical exercises are designed to enhance endurance, build strength, and improve overall fitness levels.

  • Discipline: We instill a sense of order, respect for authority, and a strong feeling of responsibility through disciplined training.

  • Teamwork: Collaborative exercises are at the core of our program, fostering trust-building and mutual support among participants.

  • Mental Resilience: Exposure to challenging scenarios cultivates mental resilience, enhancing problem-solving skills and emotional strength.

  • Leadership Skills: Participants have the opportunity to refine their leadership abilities, make decisions, and take responsibility for others.

  • Military Skills: Essential military skills are honed through drills and skill training, preparing you for real-world challenges.

  • Camaraderie: Our bootcamp nurtures a strong sense of camaraderie, creating a supportive environment that encourages individuals to push beyond their limits.

Required Equipment List:

  • Footwear: Robust walking boots or shoes with ankle support.

  • Backpack: To carry the equipment.

  • Casual clothes: Spare set, including footwear, for after the course (you will be dirty!)

  • Water: At least 1 bottle (1.5L)

Join us for an unforgettable journey of self-improvement, where you'll not only enhance your physical fitness and military skills but also develop discipline, teamwork, mental resilience, leadership prowess, and lasting bonds of camaraderie. Enlist today for an experience like no other


2-Hour training - 25€   




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