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The Survival Families course at Delta Survival School offers a unique outdoor experience, combining survival skills and bushcraft training tailored for family participation. This course is more than just a learning experience; it's an opportunity to strengthen family bonds, build connections, and create lasting memories.

Key Objectives:

  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Our primary goal is to enhance the link between family members, fostering teamwork and mutual support in a fun and challenging environment.

  • Life-Saving Skills: Participants will gain valuable knowledge in survival and bushcraft techniques. These skills are not only educational but could be life-saving in emergency situations.

  • Build Confidence & Overcome Fears: The course is designed to help participants grow in self-confidence and face fears through engaging, hands-on activities.

  • Teamwork & Fun: While learning essential survival skills, families will engage in activities that promote cohesion and teamwork, all within an enjoyable and supportive setting.

Required Equipment List:

  • Robust walking boots/shoes with ankle support.

  • Lightweight outdoor/active trousers.

  • T-shirt.

  • Jacket.

  • Hat or cap.

  • Gloves (1 x thin for active use).

  • Waterproof clothing.

  • Backpack.

  • Spare casual clothes and footwear for post-course.

  • Tick/Insect repellent (obligatory).

Please Note: The listed items are a guide based on typical needs for outdoor activities. Participants should consider the environment and time of year to tailor their gear accordingly.

Course Details:​

  • Minimum Age: 6

  • Duration: 5H

  • Price per Person: 65€

  • Location: Route de Luxembourg, 5670 Altwies, Luxembourg


+352 661 894 313



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