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Holiday Camp

"Dear Parents

At Delta Survival School, we are organizing holiday camps, An exclusive and unique event in the middle of wild nature where kids will learn survival skills, including Land Navigation, Basic Tracking, Survival Medicine, etc. but most important is that kids will stay at night in the forest without their parents; with educational aspects, this is a crucial element to developing confidence and resistance in kids. Kids build life skills, providing a better future for them.

Our Holiday Camp is for kids and Teenagers and will be held during the year on school holidays (except Christmas holidays)


















The educational part is separated into two parts, theoretical and practical. We ensure that kids understand every detail and memorize everything during the theoretical part. For that, we interact with kids with questions and explain fundamentally about which, what, and why.

After the theories, kids get to work. They must perform in "teams," demonstrating their knowledge practically.

Here is what they learn during the camp:


  • Shelter (Identify and find the best place to build the "Debris hut" shelter, and what are the safety measures we always need to keep in mind)

  • Fire (Safety rules, how to make a natural fire pit, set up and light the fire)

  • Water (where to find, how to filter and purify)

  • Basic Tracking (identify and follow animal & human tracks)

  • Traps & Snares

  • Land navigation (basic compass and orientation game)

  • Basic Survival Medicine (Hemorrhage controls - Direct pressure, tourniquet, wound dressing, Bone Fractures, under stress practice)

  • Basic self-defense techniques (Krav Maga)

  • Anti-bullying (theories and practices)

  • Situational Awareness (OODA Loop, Color codes of awareness, Baseline & anomaly)

Each subject in the program is tailored to develop the following:


  • Self-resilience and self-confidence

  • Teamwork and Leadership

During the camp, besides sharing our knowledge with the youth, our primary goal is to teach them and develop fundamental values:


  • Good manners & discipline

  • Independence & Responsibility

  • Self-control & ability to focus

  • Self-awareness & decision-making skills

  • Teamwork and friendships building

  • Respect & helping others (for individuals & the environment)


Besides education, we also have much fun:


  • Archery (shooting on the targets)

  • Military-style games

  • Night campfire stories


For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

+352 661 894 313



kids holiday camp at delta survival school
kids holiday camp at delta survival school
kids holiday camp
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