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The Survival Immersion Course is designed for those who have mastered basic survival skills or have completed our Basic Survival Course. This advanced program delves deeper into wilderness survival techniques, offering an immersive, overnight experience that challenges participants to apply their skills in a real-world setting.

Course features:

  • Duration: Overnight stay. This extended period in the wilderness allows participants to experience the reality of survival scenarios, testing their skills and resilience in a controlled environment.

  • Advanced Shelter Building: Students will learn to construct more robust shelters suitable for adverse weather conditions. The focus will be on water-resistant techniques, tarp shelters, and lean-to shelter construction.

  • Essential Knots: Mastery of various knots essential for camping and trapping, enhancing your ability to secure and utilize resources effectively.

  • Basic Land Navigation: Introduction to compass use and orientation, culminating in an orientation game that tests your navigation skills in a practical scenario.

  • Water Sourcing: Learning the solar still method for evaporating and condensing water, an essential skill for sourcing water in environments where traditional sources are scarce.

  • Basic Wilderness Medicine: Instruction in managing fractures and controlling hemorrhage, vital skills for handling medical emergencies in the wilderness.

  • Rope Descends & Swiss Seat: Training in rope descent techniques and the construction of a Swiss seat for safe and efficient movement in steep or rugged terrain.

  • Traps: Understanding the principles and construction of various types of traps for survival situations.

  • Review & Debrief: An essential component where we recap the skills learned, discuss experiences, and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

Required Equipment List:

  • Footwear: Robust walking boots or shoes with ankle support.

  • Trousers: 2 pairs of lightweight outdoor/active trousers.

  • T-shirts: At least 2 pairs.

  • Jacket: Suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Hat or Cap

  • Gloves: 1 pair of thin, active gloves.

  • Poncho: Preferably green, for rain protection.

  • Backpack: To carry the equipment.

  • Sleeping Bag, Mat, and Tarp: For overnight stays.

  • Rope/Paracord: Essential for various survival tasks.

  • Casual Clothes: Spare set, including footwear, for after the course.

  • Tick/Insect Repellent: Obligatory for personal protection.

  • Headlamp: Essential for night activities.

  • Pen & Notebook: For taking notes and recording experiences.

  • Toilet Paper: Personal hygiene.

  • Water: At least 1 bottle (1.5L)

Please Note: The listed items are a guide based on typical needs for outdoor activities. Participants should consider the environment and time of year to tailor their gear accordingly.

This course is not just about skill acquisition; it's about testing your limits, gaining confidence, and applying your knowledge in a dynamic, real-world environment. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the wilderness experience, under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Duration: 24 Hours

Price: 170€

Upon successfully completing each course at Delta Survival School, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate is not just a testament to the skills and knowledge acquired; it is a recognized credential that carries additional weight and significance. Each certificate is registered with our NATO NCage code: BTSD3. This registration underlines the rigorous standards and quality of our training programs, aligning them with recognized international criteria.



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