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Krav Maga, the renowned military self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli security forces, is now within your reach at Delta Survival School. 

"Combat Krav Maga International" offers a modern and realistic approach to self-defense that empowers everyone to protect themselves and their loved ones swiftly.

At Delta Survival School, unlike traditional martial arts, we do not consider Combat krav maga International as a sport. We focus on practical self-defense techniques rather than belts or competition. We aim to equip you with the skills to overcome real-life scenarios and tackle genuine threats.

Our expert instructors integrate the best techniques from various martial arts, including Judo, boxing, JJB, Muay Thai, and more, to create an intelligent system of self-defense that adapts to real-world situations.

Discover the Combat Krav Maga Seminars at Delta Survival School

  • Security distance: Learn how to create and maintain a safe distance from potential threats.

  • Wrist grips: Master techniques to defend against and escape from wrist grabs.

  • Neck and high grips: Gain proficiency in countering and neutralizing neck and high-level grabs.​

  • Knife threats: Develop skills to defend against knife attacks effectively.

  • High body attacks: Learn techniques to counter strikes at your upper body.

  • Kicks and knees: Master defenses against powerful kicks and knee strikes.

  • Punches, kicks, and knife defense: Acquire comprehensive skills to protect yourself from varied attacks.​

  • Kicks and knife defense on the floor: Discover techniques to defend against kicks and knife attacks on the ground.

  • Hands and knife defense on the floor: Learn effective strategies to neutralize threats when you're on the ground.

  • Gun threats: Develop the skills necessary to defend against firearm threats.

  • Multiple attackers defense: Gain proficiency in handling and escaping confrontations involving multiple assailants.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 14H - 18H

  • Price per Person: 45€


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