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Basic Survival Skills (7 hours) - 70€
Intermediate Survival Skills (2 days) - 150€ 

Advanced Survival Skills (3 days) - 320€

Combat Krav Maga Seminars
Beginner 3h - 40€

Intermediate 4h - 50€

Advanced 4h - 50€

SERE Camp (5 Days) - 580€
Military Bootcamp (3 Hours) - 20€ 

Survival Krav Maga (2 days) - 170€


Choisissez votre formule

  • Basic Membership

    Tous les mois
    Valable 6 mois
    • Exclusive member 10% discounts on additional courses, and +.
    • Access to one introductory-level course per month.
    • Exclusive access to "members-only" events and seminars.
    • Online community/forum access to connect.
  • Gold Membership

    Tous les mois
    Valable 12 mois
    • Access to one introductory and intermediate level courses.
    • Exclusive member 15% discounts on specialized courses.
    • Online community access to connect to fellellow members
    • Exclusive access to "members-only" events and seminars.
    • 1h Private Lesson per month with Instructor DELTA
  • Premium Membership

    Tous les mois
    Valable 12 mois
    • One free access to any non specialized courses
    • Exclusive member 20% discounts on special courses
    • Exclusive access to "members-only" events and seminars.
    • Completely free access to DSS instructors
    • Online community access to connect to DSS members.
    • 2h Private Lesson with Instructor DELTA

Join Delta Survival School's Membership Program and take your survival skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced survivalist, our membership plans provide exclusive discounts, access to courses, and a supportive community to help you thrive. Prepare for any challenge and gain invaluable knowledge from our expert instructors.

Enroll today and become part of an elite community of survival enthusiasts committed to self-reliance, preparedness, and personal growth. Choose your membership level and unlock a world of survival expertise with Delta Survival School.

Note: Membership plans can be upgraded anytime, but no cancelation possible until the end of the plan

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