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S.E.R.E. Level 1

This 3-day course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental skills of Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (S.E.R.E.). It is structured to enhance your survival skills, improve your situational awareness, and develop basic evasion and escape techniques. This course serves as a foundation for more advanced training.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and apply basic survival skills in wilderness settings.

  • Learn to navigate using a compass.

  • Develop basic evasion tactics to avoid detection.

  • Practice resistance techniques against psychological pressures.

  • Gain skills in escaping from restraints.

  • Understand extraction procedures and signaling.

Day 1: Basic Survival Skills and Awareness

  • Survival Mindset and Theory: Introduction to the psychology of survival.

  • Basic Wilderness Survival Skills: Shelter building, fire starting, and water purification.

  • Compass Navigation: Using a compass for navigation.

  • Wilderness First Aid: Handling common injuries and emergencies.

  • Night Exercise: Compass-based navigation to waypoints.

Day 2: Advanced Survival Techniques and Evasion

  • Advanced Shelter and Camouflage: Building complex shelters and basics of camouflage.

  • Fire Craft and Food Procurement: Techniques for cooking and basic trapping.

  • Evasion Tactics: Basics of stealth movement and avoiding detection.

  • Stressful Scenario: Simulated evasion exercise with instructors as mock pursuers.

  • Night Operation: Night-time evasion exercise.

Day 3: Resistance, Escape, and Extraction

  • Resistance Techniques: Strategies to resist interrogation and maintain mental resilience.

  • Escape from Restraints: Escaping from handcuffs, zip ties, and rope.

  • Advanced Evasion and Escape Scenarios: Complex escape exercises.

  • Extraction Procedures: Learning extraction signals and navigation to extraction points.

  • Debrief and Survival Stories: Sharing experiences and discussing lessons learned.

Required Equipment List:

  • Footwear: Robust walking boots or shoes with ankle support.

  • Trousers: 2 pairs of lightweight outdoor/active trousers.

  • T-shirts: At least 2 pairs.

  • Jacket: Suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Hat or Cap: For sun protection.

  • Gloves: 1 pair of thin, active gloves.

  • Poncho: Preferably green, for rain protection.

  • Backpack: For carrying equipment.

  • Sleeping Bag, Mat, and Tarp: For overnight stays.

  • Rope/Paracord: Essential for various survival tasks.

  • Casual Clothes: Spare set, including footwear, for after the course.

  • Tick/Insect Repellent: Obligatory for personal protection.

  • Headlamp or Flashlight: Essential for night activities.

  • Pen & Notebook: For taking notes and recording experiences.

  • Toilet Paper: Personal hygiene.

  • Water: 1 pack of 6 bottles (1.5L each).

Safety and Conduct:

  • Safety is paramount. Follow all instructions from course leaders.

  • Inform instructors of any medical conditions.

  • Maintain respect for fellow participants and the environment.

This course is designed to instill confidence and essential skills for survival situations. You'll leave with a strong foundation in S.E.R.E. principles, ready for advanced challenges.


3 Day training - 320€



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