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S.E.R.E. Level 2

SERE Level 2 Course: Advanced Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Overview

The SERE Level 2 course at Delta Survival School provides an advanced and intensive training experience, building upon the foundational principles of Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape. Originally developed for military personnel, this program has been expertly adapted for civilian use, benefiting adventurers, journalists, and professionals operating in high-risk environments. Our 5-day program delves deeper into survival techniques, evasion strategies, resistance training, and escape tactics, equipping participants with the skills needed to face the most challenging scenarios.

Course Content

Survival Skills:

  • BLISS Principle for Campsite Construction: Advanced techniques for selecting optimal campsite locations and building camps that minimize environmental impact.

  • Dakota Fire Hole Construction: Mastering the construction of concealed fire pits that produce minimal smoke and light, enhancing stealth.

  • Bush Knife Skills: Advanced knife techniques for various survival tasks, including crafting tools and preparing food.

  • Water Sourcing and Purification Techniques: In-depth methods to locate, collect, and purify water in diverse environments.

  • Traditional Navigation Methods: Utilizing natural elements and traditional techniques to navigate without modern tools.

Evasion Techniques:

  • Camouflage, Cover, and Concealment: Strategies for effective concealment using both natural and artificial materials to avoid detection.

  • Stealth Movement (Fox Walk): Techniques to move silently and minimize tracks, crucial for evasion.

  • Advanced Land Navigation: Detailed map reading, compass use, and stealth movement across diverse terrains, ensuring precise and discreet travel.

Resistance Training:

  • Krav Maga MIL-TEC: Advanced defensive and offensive techniques focusing on knife and firearm scenarios, essential for self-protection.

  • Situational Awareness: Enhancing decision-making through the color code of awareness, the OODA loop, and anomaly identification.

  • Escape from Illegal Restraints: Practical exercises to overcome restraints such as zip ties and handcuffs, coupled with resistance to interrogation techniques. Some activities in this section are classified for security reasons.

Escape Techniques:

  • Swiss Seat Construction and Emergency Rappelling: Building emergency harnesses and learning safe rappelling methods for escape situations.

  • Enhanced Night Missions: Skills for conducting reconnaissance and stealth operations in low-light conditions.

  • Personal Rescue Techniques: Techniques for constructing commando bridges, performing rope crossings, and executing water traversals.

Physical and Mental Endurance:

  • Military Bootcamp: A comprehensive regime designed to significantly increase physical and mental endurance, accessible to individuals of all fitness levels.


5 Day training - 540€



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