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Delta survival school offers you survival courses and expeditions in the wild environment, to learn and practice survival skills and bushcraft. Feel, understand, and connect with nature.

Survival skills are techniques that a person may use to sustain life in any natural environment. These techniques are meant to provide necessities for human life, which include water, food, and shelter. The skills also support proper knowledge and interactions with animals and plants.

These basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans invented and used themselves for thousands of years

This course is intended to teach skills for rough times, but the knowledge can also be used to have fun outdoors and to learn skills that are useful even outside a survival situation. The enjoyable parts also come in use when learning essential skills for potential survival situations. However, practice and understanding are also needed to increase your chances of survival.

The survival course has three levels - Beginner, intermediate, and Advanced which differ in the program, the course duration, and practice.

But do you really know what it takes to survive in a wild environment? On the survival course, you will learn all the essentials to survive in the wild, this course will help you to grow your self-confidence and anticipate your fears.


delta survival school's head instructor will lead the course, will offer advice, and guide participants through this  survival experience


On the course, you will learn about the survival psychology, identify a good place and build emergency shelters, build fire, identify animal runs and lay traps, skin, and gut, navigate naturally, how to find and purify the water, basic medicine (first aid techniques) and so on.

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