Delta Survival School presents the Tactical Course.

The Tactical course teaches students the fundamental tactics based on Israeli & US military tactics.

Tactics and techniques on the course are combined with realistic learning scenarios to improve the students their tactical skills and to develop or increase their confidence and boldness

Our method gives students a way to increase:
Mental acuity, concentration, dexterity, balance, and spatial awareness when performing skill based weapon manipulations.

All of our courses are created with the best practices in conjunction with the vast real-world experiences.

The course contains 2 different aspects:

Fundamental aspects 


•    Gun fundamentals

•    Gun Safety

•    Gun shooting Stances (Isosceles, Weaver, Modified Weaver,

pistol Low-Highstance,  Assault weapon stances).

•    Proper Kneeling Position

•    Proper Foot Positioning

•    Proper Hand Positioning

•    Gun Sights & focus

•    Trigger control

•    Rapid-fire using trigger reset point

•    Speed and Tactical Reload

•    Gun malfunction clearance



Combative Aspects

•    Shooting from unconventional positions

•    Under stress shooting

•    Shooting while moving

•    Covers & shoot from covers

•    CQB

•    Room clearing scenarios

•    Shooting from a car on the move

•    Car stationary & response to contact

•    Car scenarios

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