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The world is full of its dangerous environment and constant risk possibilities where you need to be prepared to be able to help not only yourself but also others. it can be a car accident, or maybe tragically multiple casualties events like an explosion, mass shooting, knife attack and so on the list go on, here and unfortunately, we don’t know where and when the tread will come


For this we Delta survival school created TECC / TCCC course that can

assure you to be ready when things going to go hard and stressful, and when the time will come and you need to save lives

On the course, students will learn and practice:

  • Know the risk and evaluate your situation in a hostile environment

  • Understanding traumas when someone is it by bullets, explosive devices, knives

  • Know how to process to treat severe injuries in a hostile environment and what kill first

  • Learn M.A.R.C.H. procedure in details

  • Know how to apply different first aid equipment

  • Know how to process in a multiple casualties scenario and how to triage

Learn how to make an IFAK or to buy it with professionals

Our courses teach everything that is specified in the TECC and TCCC Guidelines. Both deal with traumatic medical events in a tactical environment. The main difference between a military battle and an incident of active violence is only in scale and duration. A shot, knife wound or explosion is the same, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, London, Berlin, Boston or in your city.

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