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At Delta Survival School, we understand the importance of being properly equipped for any situation, whether you're participating in one of our courses or preparing for emergencies in various environments. Our goal is to ensure that every adventurer, survivalist, and traveler has access to the right gear to meet the challenges ahead confidently. 

Additionally, we're excited to offer a personalized gear service to build the perfect survival kit tailored to your needs.


Essential survival skills do not require specialized equipment, we recommend outdoor clothing that suits the activity level and environmental conditions. This includes:

  • Durable outdoor pants and top

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes

  • Gloves suitable for the terrain

  • Tick repellent

  • A positive attitude!


For those enrolled in our Survival Immersion course, the following items are essential to ensure you're well-prepared for the rigorous outdoor experience:

  • Outdoor Clothes .

  • Waterproof Shoes with Ankle Support

  • Backpack: 

  • Tarp

  • Sleeping Mat 

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Poncho/Raincoat:

  • Tick repellent


SERE demands participants to be fully equipped with essential gear, here is the list of needs students must have:

  • Footwear: Robust walking boots or shoes with ankle support.

  • Trousers: 2 pairs of lightweight outdoor/active trousers.

  • T-shirts: At least 2 pairs.

  • Jacket: Suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Hat or Cap: For sun protection.

  • Gloves: 1 pair of thin, active gloves.

  • Poncho: Preferably green, for rain protection.

  • Backpack: For carrying equipment.

  • Sleeping Bag, Mat, and Tarp: For overnight stays.

  • Fixed Blade knife

  • Rope/Paracord: Essential for various survival tasks.

  • Casual Clothes: Spare set, including footwear, for after the course.

  • Tick/Insect Repellent: Obligatory for personal protection.

  • Headlamp or Flashlight: Essential for night activities.

  • Pen & Notebook: For taking notes and recording experiences.

  • Toilet Paper: Personal hygiene.

  • Water: 1 pack of 6 bottles (1.5L each).

Note: Gear should be weather-appropriate. Please avoid wearing a t-shirt in winter conditions or overly heavy gear in the summer. Adapt your gear to the time of year and anticipated weather conditions.


Every journey is unique, and so are the requirements it demands. Recognizing this, Delta Survival School is excited to introduce our Bespoke Gear Kitting Service, crafted to equip you precisely for your next adventure. Whether you're setting off on a Delta Survival course or charting your own path into the unknown, our experts stand ready to curate and assemble a gear kit that's as individual as your expedition.


How It Works

  1. Consultation: It all starts with a conversation. Tell us about your upcoming adventure, the environments you'll face, and any specific concerns or requirements you have. Our experts are here to listen and provide professional advice.

  2. Customization: Based on your needs, we'll curate a selection of gear that matches your adventure's demands. From essential survival tools to specialized equipment for hostile environments, we cover it all. You decide between premium quality for the utmost in reliability and durability, or medium quality for essential gear on a budget.

  3. Assembly: Once you've made your selections, we'll assemble your custom gear bag. Every item is chosen for its functionality, quality, and relevance to your survival needs.

  4. Delivery: Your personalized gear bag is then prepared for pickup or delivered directly to your doorstep, ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Benefits of Custom Gear Service

  • Personalized Solutions: Your survival kit will be tailored to the specific challenges of your environment and adventure.

  • Professional Quality: Choose from premium or medium-quality gear, all vetted by our survival experts for reliability and durability.

  • Convenience: Save time and avoid the hassle of piecing together your kit from multiple sources. We do the work for you, ensuring you're prepared and confident.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our survival instructors. We know what works and what doesn't, and we're here to guide you.

Get Started

Ready to build your custom survival kit? Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

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