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The Kids Camp at Delta Survival School is an adventurous and educational experience designed for young learners. Over four days and three nights, children are immersed in a variety of survival skills, fostering self-resilience, teamwork, and leadership. Our course is not only about survival techniques but also about instilling fundamental values and having fun while learning.

What They Learn:

  • Shelter: Identifying the best location for a "Debris hut" shelter, understanding safety measures in shelter building.

  • Fire: Learning fire safety rules, how to construct a natural fire pit, and the essentials of lighting a fire.

  • Water: Techniques for finding, filtering, and purifying water.

  • Basic Tracking: Skills in identifying and following animal and human tracks.

  • Traps & Snares: Understanding the basics of creating traps and snares for survival situations.

  • Land Navigation: Introduction to basic compass use and an orientation game.

  • Basic Survival Medicine: Practical knowledge in hemorrhage control, wound dressing, and managing bone fractures, including stress-induced practice scenarios.

  • Basic Self-Defense: Introduction to Krav Maga techniques.

  • Anti-Bullying: Theories and practices to empower children against bullying.

  • Situational Awareness: Teaching the OODA Loop, color codes of awareness, and understanding baseline and anomaly detection.

Developmental Focus:

  • Self-Resilience and Confidence

  • Teamwork and Leadership

Fundamental Values Taught:

  • Good Manners & Discipline

  • Independence & Responsibility

  • Self-Control & Focus

  • Self-Awareness & Decision-Making

  • Teamwork & Friendship Building

  • Respect & Helping Others

Fun Activities:

  • Archery: Target practice to develop focus and coordination.

  • Military-Style Games: Encouraging teamwork and strategic thinking.

  • Night Campfire Stories: Fostering a sense of community and sharing.

Educational Approach:

The course is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical segment involves interactive sessions where kids are engaged with questions, ensuring they understand and memorize the concepts. The practical part allows kids to work in teams, applying their learned skills in real-world scenarios.

This Kids Camp course is more than a survival training program; it's a comprehensive educational experience where children learn valuable life skills, build friendships, and develop a deep appreciation for the outdoors and survival techniques.

Kids will be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the course. This certificate is not just a testament to the skills and knowledge acquired; it is a recognized credential that carries additional weight and significance. Each certificate is registered with our NATO NCage code: BTSD3. This registration underlines the rigorous standards and quality of our training programs, aligning them with recognized international criteria.

More Details:

Age: 8-13

Duration: 4days/3nights

Price: 420€


+352 661 894 313



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